How to prevent skin irritation

Irritated skin after shaving is not uncommon. Some of us even have to stop shaving for a few days to give the skin a break. But there is help at hand! Prevent skin irritation by following these expert tips.


1. Shave two hours before you want to look your best

It is recommended to shave about two hours before you want to look your best, so as to give your skin time to relax and any redness to go down.


2. Pre-trim long or hard to shave hairs
Check and trim any long or hard to shave hairs before you start to shave, such as below the jawbone and around your Adam’s apple.


3. Cleanse the skin and wait

It is important to have dry skin before starting to shave, so if you wash your face before, make sure to wait at least 5 minutes and it’s completely dry, because moist skin hampers smooth movement of the shaver on the face and can result in more irritation.

4.Choose the right foam or gel

If you do prefer to shave wet, then make sure you choose a type of shaving foam or gel that is suited to your skin type and won’t dry your skin.


5.Choose the ‘sensitive’ comfort setting
If you have a shaver like the Philips Norelco Shaver series 9000 with different comfort settings, then make sure your shaver is set to the 'sensitive' setting.


6.Shave in circular motions

Shave with small, circular motions, tracking the shaver across your whole face with smooth movement.


7.Apply gentle pressure

Always start shaving with gentle pressure. Increasing the pressure increases friction and friction causes more skin irritation. More pressure will not make it go any faster.


8. Avoid trying for a very close shave

To avoid skin irritation, it is better not to try for a very close shave. This means that you just apply a little pressure and gently follow the way your hair grows. It is better to sweep over your face in one go and not go over the same spot more times than necessary. This too can cause irritation.


9. Approach from different angles

You might experience some difficulties catching those last, hard to shave hairs. Just use a little gentle pressure and approach the hairs from several angles to shave them. You can stretch the skin and lift up the hairs to make it easier for the shaver to catch just the hairs.


10. Apply alcohol-free aftershave

The last step to prevent irritated skin is to treat it with a nice and soothing, alcohol-free aftershave balm.

11. Clean the shaver
Do not forget to clean your shaver during and after your shave for optimal shaving performance and hygiene. Clean it with lots of lukewarm water, shake off excess water and lay it down open to dry. Or, if you have the Philips Norelco SmartClean system, simply place it inside and your shaver will be ready for your next shave.

Follow these tips and you will see an improvement in the way your skin feels after shaving and prevent regular occurrence of skin irritation.

How regularly should you shave?

For the best results and to keep your skin used to the electric shaver, it's best to shave at least three times a week.

There are more ways you can maximize your shave and look your best. Make sure you explore the Philips Norelco Grooming app to find out more.