Don't fear the mirror

If manual shavers are causing you some serious razor burn, it’s definitely time to switch to an electric shaver. We’ve got some helpful tips to put that nasty razor burn from shaving behind you.

Male grooming is not a “trend”. Gone are the days when men got the side-eye for spending extra time in the bathroom.


There’s more to taking care of your hair than having a good haircut. When unsightly hair sprouts from every orifice: ears, nose… err, there… don’t be surprised if you’re mistaken for Big Foot. Tip: Run from the paparazzi or fight the fuzz.

If people avoid your air kisses, you need to take a step back, literally. Chances are bacteria has invaded your mouth, and your breath stinks.1 Smell minty, it’s not an exclusive scent.

The Sahara Desert is a sight to behold. However, dry, parched skin reminiscent of its arid conditions is not a good look.

Having more hair and skincare tools and products than your partner or friends is nothing to be embarrassed about. Do the most, so you can look at the mirror and like what you see!

With all the tools and information about grooming around, there’s no excuse for grubby nails or cave-man beards. Discover a grooming kit tailored to you!

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