The body hair debate grows on

Explore how the lady thinks about your body hair

What you need to know about Body Grooming

Male body hair is a tricky topic. Some women may like their men particularly hairy all over (so do check personal preferences before taking drastic action), however, and I feel I am speaking for the majority of my gender when I say, that most women like the male body hair at a minimum. We’ve already discussed why women love a clean shaven man, so let's start moving south.
We go through a lot!


Smooth, hair-free skin is a lot of hard work guys. For us ladies, our beauty routine is timely and sometimes a bit painful.

But despite our desire to take revenge and ask you to wax it off, we don’t expect you to be baby-smooth all the time. We love stubble on a man, but it’s not the same game for the ladies. So let’s call it even and if we wax, you can certainly trim.


Hairy chest

Women are not as picky in this area as you might think. Personally, I prefer a bit of manly chest hair and I think that quite a few women would agree with me.However, I am not completely opposed to chest hair it all being shaven off if that’s what you prefer, especially when it comes to hot holidays where tanning is involved as I can imagine that could get quite messy. Many women may actually prefer the bare-chested look, generally though I think women find a bit of chest hair quite manly and extremely sexy. With this in mind though, all body hair needs to be kept in check so grooming is key!


Bringing sexy back

Back hair – now this is a no-no with pretty much all women! It’s not attractive, how can you admire the muscular (or not muscular) contours of the male back when it is covered with a rug of fur? You are not a creature living in the outdoors, therefore, back hair is not necessary for keeping warm, so get yourself to the beauty salon. We’ll more than happily come and hold your hand.


That which shall not be named

And finally, let’s talk about how to groom your groin. It may come as a shock to you when I say this, but generally we aren’t too worried about all the fuzz being removed…provided it’s not a scary jungle where house keys could get lost. I think that pretty much says it all.


Let’s recap quickly: A bit of manly chest hair and a trimmed front-side ticks all the “yes” boxes, but sort out the backside fellas.

There you have it, the female opinion to male body grooming! By female I mean mine and as the only lady on here, I happily represent the group.