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    Durable accent lighting with a focused bright beam

    Philips LED spots provide a focused bright beam, an exceptionally long life, and significant energy savings. This spot is the perfect long-lasting replacement for 50W spots with a GU10 cap. See all benefits

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LED Spot

4.5W (50W), GU10 cap, Warm white 8718291664369 Find similar products

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Durable accent lighting with a focused bright beam

Avoid the hassle of changing spots

  • Avoid the hassle of constant changing

    Avoid the hassle of constant changing

    The durable alternative to halogen spots, Philips LED spots can be installed and forgotten about, maintaining their beautiful light beam for years and years to come.

  • High color rendering (CRI > 80) for vivid colors

    High color rendering (CRI > 80) for vivid colors

    The color rendering index (CRI) is used to describe the effect of a light source on color appearance. Natural outdoor light has a CRI of 100 and is used as the standard of comparison for any other light source. The CRI of Philips LED light bulbs is always higher than 80, close to the sun's value, reflecting colors truly and naturally.

  • Very low energy consumption, saving up to 90%

    Very low energy consumption, saving up to 90%

    By replacing traditional light bulbs with a Philips LED alternative, you will gain immediate, significant energy savings while contributing to a sustainable planet.

  • Lasts up to 15 years

    Lasts up to 15 years

    With a lifetime of up to 15.000 hours, this Philips LED lamp will ensure your desired atmosphere for up to 15 years.*

  • 36º halogen light beam

    36º halogen light beam

    With a familiar focused light output, equal in look and feel to halogen spots, this LED spot is suitable for both accent lighting and general purpose lighting.

  • True incandescent-like warm white light (2700 K)

    Light can have different color temperatures, indicated in units called Kelvin (K). Bulbs with a low Kelvin value produce a warm, more cozy light, while those with a higher Kelvin value produce a cool, more energizing light.

  • Smooth surface and high-quality finishing

    Designed to last, this LED spot offers all of the most recent innovations based in high-quality materials. It is a truly perfect fit for your current fixtures.

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  • *Based on average usage of 3 hours per day
  • **This lamp complies with EMC requirements when used in combination with a high quality electronic transformer, such as the Philips CERTALINE 60 transformer. Performance may vary based on the transformer used to operate the lamp.

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