Hard disk/DVD recorder

250 GB DVDR3590H/97


Interrupted signal when connecting to Philips TV

If you connect this player by HDMI to certain Philips TVs, you may experience interruptions of the video and audio signal. The following Philips TVs are affected: * 32PFL9632D/10, 32PFL7862D/10, 32PFL9432D/79, 32PFL9432 /98 * 37PFL9732D/10, 37PFL9632D/10 * 42PFL9932D/10, 42PFL9732D/10, 42PFL9632D/10, 42PFL7862D/10, 42PFL9632D/79, 42PFL9532 /93 & /98 * 47PFL9732D/10, 47PFL9632D/10, 47PFL9532D/10, 47PFL9632D/79, 47PFL9532 /93 & /98 * 52PFL9632D/10 Software upgrade(Version 3.04) is now available and will resolve this issue. You can download the software from the “Software & drivers” section on our product support page http://www.philips.com/support

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVDR3590H/97 , DVDR3570H/97 .

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