Avance Collection Blender

1400 W, ProBlend 6 3D, 2.2L Tritan Jar, Smoothie preset program HR3663/90


What is the easiest way to clean the blender jar?

The easiest way to clean the jar is to use the Quick Clean function.

  • Put maximally 500 ml of water and some washing-up liquid in the jar and press the pulse button several times
  • Rinse the jar afterwards

The information on this page applies to the following models: HR3663/90 , HR2056/00 , HR2056/90 , HR2165/90 , HR2103/03 , HR2096/03 , HR2100/90 , HR2100/00 , HR2096/00 , HR2172/00 , HR2161/40 , HR2021/70 , HR2084/90 . more less

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