Digital Video Baby Monitor

Separate baby unit for SCD610 SCD609/00


My parent / baby unit will not switch on. What should I do?

  1. The unit is not connected to the power supply. Connect the unit to a power supply.
  2. The battery compartment of the parent unit is empty. Insert the battery and make sure that it is correctly inserted.
  3. The battery of the parent unit may be low or empty. The battery would gradually discharge even when the parent unit is switched off. Charge the parent unit until the battery light turns solid green.
  4. The battery on the parent unit may be misplaced. Make sure the battery is securely placed on the parent unit.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCD609/00 , SCD609/01 , SCD610/00 , SCD610/01 . more less

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