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Are there any side effects during or after treatments?

If you use your Lumea according to instructions, you should not experience any serious side effects. However, these minor skin reactions may be experienced:


The appearance of slight to moderate redness immediately after the treatment is both harmless and normal and will disappear quickly.


You may feel warmth, itching and a burning or tingling sensation during the treatment. Again, this is normal and you will find that the sensation disappears immediately after treatment.

Rare side effects

  • Misusing Philips Lumea by using it at a too high setting can be linked to skin reactions such as redness, burns and/or discolouration. To prevent this, reduce the intensity as soon as the treatment feels uncomfortable. If these reactions do not disappear within three days, please consult a doctor. Wait until the skin has healed completely before treating again and make sure that you use a lower light intensity.

  • Skin discolouration may very rarely occur and will manifest as either a darker or lighter patch than that of the surrounding area. This is the result of using a light intensity that is too high for your skin colour. If the discolouration does not disappear within two weeks, we advise you to consult a doctor. Do not treat discoloured areas until the discolouration has disappeared and skin has regained its normal colour.

  • Skin infection and inflammation may very rarely occur and can be caused by using the appliance on wounds, cuts or on ingrown hairs.

  • Excessive pain can occasionally occur during or after treatment:

Pain can occasionally be experienced during or after treatment:

  • If you have used Lumea on unshaved skin;

  • If you use Lumea at a light intensity that is too high for your skin colour;

  • If you flash the same area repeatedly;

  • If you use Lumea on open wounds, inflammations, infections, tattoos, burns, etc.

– Please read the user manual carefully – especially the contraindication list – and follow the instructions at all times.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SC2001/00 .

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