Today, men have more grooming freedom than ever before, and, as a result, are embracing and expressing this freedom through their individual style. Over the last 25 years various cultural shifts have resulted in a man who is not afraid to be different – a man brave enough to ‘wear’ his feelings in his style.

Stemming from this insight, Philips has launched a global campaign which encourages men to ‘Express Yourself Every Day’ by using themselves as a canvas and their facial and bodily hair as tools for expression.

For Styles of Mzanzi, Philips South Africa identified five individuals who are successful in expressing themselves – both through their personal style and professional capacity. From radio personalities, to a photographer, musician, and comedian – each ambassador is unique in his own way, and has labeled his style with something that connects him to his individuality. Together, the five ambassadors illustrate a variety of styles being sported by South African men.


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