Philips South Africa brings more style to Mzansi

Philips launches a new campaign aimed at encouraging men to find their own personal style

July 4, 2013

Johannesburg, South Africa - Today, men have more grooming freedom and, as a result, are embracing and expressing this freedom through their individual style. Over the last 25 years various cultural shifts have resulted in a man who is not afraid to be different – a man brave enough to ‘wear’ his feelings in his style.


Stemming from this insight, Philips has launched a global campaign which encourages men to ‘Express Yourself Every Day’ by using themselves as a canvas and their facial and bodily hair as tools for expression.


The Styles of Mzanzi campaign was created to localise the Express Yourself Every Day campaign by identifying five styles that would resonate with South African men. 


“Individuality has become more attractive to both sexes,” says Jolene Roelofse, Philips Marketing Manager: Personal Care. Fashion choices, tattoos and piercings, bodybuilding and other forms of body modification are widely accepted, and encouraged by popular culture, and similarly, hair styles (head, face and body) have followed suit. 


 “A new generation of men has come to embrace humour, gentleness, and vulnerability – traits which they express in their personal style. Self-expression is also more acceptable in the workplace,” Roelofse continues, “the days of only being clean-shaving and having shortly-cropped hair, have been replaced with a spectrum of designs and styles.”


For Styles of Mzanzi, Philips South Africa identified five individuals who are successful in expressing themselves – both through their personal style and professional capacity. From radio personalities, to a photographer, musician, and comedian – each ambassador is unique in his own way, and has labeled his style with something that connects him to his individuality. Together, the five ambassadors illustrate a variety of styles being sported by South African men.


From the 1950’s, it seems that each decade has had its own look ranging from skinny beatniks with berets and artist-goatees, to hippies with long hair and beards, followed by ‘muscly’ moustaches, grunge goatees, lip ticklers and even the quiff. With approximately fifteen moustache variants, five soul-patch shapes, five sideburn lengths and over forty beard-styles; facial hair combinations and permutations in the new millennium are now endless. To add to this, the introduction of ‘man-scaping’ has made body hair maintenance acceptable to everyone – not just athletes and performance artists – ensuring that men literally have more control over their ‘look’ from head to toe.


What’s more, the shaving and grooming technologies for creating and maintaining all these looks keep getting better and more convenient.


“As the leading brand in electronic male grooming globally, Philips wants to support men in expressing themselves through advising them on how to obtain the Styles of Mzansi,” adds Jolene Roelofse. Men, having previously followed the grooming routine of their fathers, are now looking to musicians, actors, athletes and other cultural figures who freely express themselves for inspiration – luckily inspiration now comes with specialist tools and instruction.


“By utilising Philips’ range of male grooming tools, South African men are letting the world know they are masculine and sexy, but also playful, rebellious and unpredictable,” concludes Roelofse.


The Philips Styles of Mzansi ambassadors will be revealed over the coming months. For more information on Philips Male Grooming, please find us on Facebook:, and follow us on Twitter: @PhilipsMenSA.

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